raven song

February 2, 2011

Approach to blogging

There is so much stuff out there about blogging. I started this blog about 18mths ago, made a few posts then stopped. It wasn’t working for me. I had started another blog just prior called zendancer partly wanting to cash in on the zen thing. But I am Buddhist chaplain and take zen seriously. I stopped because I realised I wanted to write about a range of things. At the same time I was looking at a whole lot of high profile blogs all about being the biggest and greatest, success success and more success. The wholesale capturing of the blogsphere by these types  was a bit sickening. All about climbing to the top of the tree and it involved 24/7 activity posting everywhere etc. But there was my shadow self, also wanting fame and recognition wanting my ego bolstered as well. So it was not working for me until recently. I was building a shade structure for my vege garden, not profound, not A list stuff but I realised that I was doing this sort of stuff all the time because I liked it and I knew lots about it. So I realised that’s what I should blog about and I do heaps of fun things. As a frequent user of the web to find information I also new the much web information was poor and without good step by step explanation and no images. Well I love writing am good at step by step stuff and I love shooting heaps of images with my trusty little canon ixus. I also use one of the most fabulous free programmes on the web Irfan view, the greatest image editing programme out. So my first blog in this genre was about broccoli planting and it was fun. Might not get me to the top of the list, but if you want to know about planting broccoli its all there. I am also committed to being transparent, tell it how it is for me, and this blog is part of that commitment. PS I wrote this using microsofts live writer, also the greatest, check it out. Ho to all. Paddy


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