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February 1, 2011

Wilsons world The little red hen and the lazy dog

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little_red_henlazy dog


 Soon after Wilson my Beagle mate arrived home, I realised he had the potential to be a layabout lazy dog. So I had two choices just accept it or read him  the little red hen story I even sat with him while we watched the little red hen video  Basically the story line is that the lazy dog did not help the red hen at any stage making a beautiful meal, lots of strong doggy aromas. That is despite being asked many times by the red hen to help. The consequence was he was not allowed any of the food. What’s more he was told that until he learnt to help he would get no food. Well to a Beagle that is pure hell and the ultimate in suffering. Immediate conversion, he said how can I learn to help, maybe my blood lines as a sniffer, blood hound and all round security dog can be put to good use. So I got a wonderful women friend Karate expert and international security consultant to help. He was transformed into a faithful worker in security and protection, as the evidence in his resume shows.

guru wilson crop llow res

Fetching the soup bone from the butcher and guarding it against soup bone thieves





under car

Using his bomb sniffing skills to detect bombs fastened underneath cars

wilson minding shade cloth

Guarding the shade cloth against theft, using basic body guard skills

wilson sniffing garden

Sniffing for ieds (improvised explosive devices) prior to gardening work commencing

wilson guarding car

Guarding the car using the mastery of deception, which is appearing to be asleep whilst secretly being fully alert. A very advanced technique


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