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March 19, 2010

Peace in heart, in mind, to my brother

I am in prison one day a week as a  Buddhist Chaplain. I work with chaplains from many religionsbars 01. We work together and have much in common. One inmate often gets stressed and gets into trouble. The Anglican chaplain said to him:

use your prayer beads, with the first bead say Peace in my heart, next say Peace in my mind, then Peace to my brother and keep going till you feel more calm’ then she said ‘ All religions have beads and we all have that message’

That is thprayer beads in hande simple truth of it and it works.


March 15, 2010

try to be a little kinder

Aldous Huxley, famous author, said at the end of his life “It is a bit embarrassing to have been concerned with the human problem all one’s life and find at the end that one has no more to offer by way of advice than ‘try to be a little kinder”

An important part of new dreaming. Les my next door neighbour sets a great example for this:

– he was driving home at night into the village and came across a large dog on the road. It had just been hit. He stayed with it. I asked was it in pain and what did you do. He replied, it was quietly dying I just patted it and talked kindly to him, I wanted him to experience that as he died.

– he was coming out of a car park at work and a Muslim women with a scarf, flagged him down. She asked him for directions to a place nearby, she was lost and going for a job interview. She was not understanding the directions, so he said follow me, he drove for about ten minutes then stopped at the address, it was a flower shop. She got out and gave him a Muslim blessing and some bread from her shopping basket.

Part of Les’s week. Part of new dreaming, being a little kinder. Share some ‘being a little kinder’ stories with us.

March 10, 2010

Anthony’s new dreamings

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Doug’s comment ‘I Recently came across a blog from Earl Hipp in the USA who befriended a recent refugee from Sudan and his family, having moved to Minnesota in the depths of winter. Earl, after having provided some winter clothes asked what else he could do for him the reply was “Can you teach my son (in this new culture) how to be a man?’  prompted this  interesting response  from Anthony, which I thought would be good to share:

Can I teach my own son to be a man in this culture ? Have I even been able to teach myself to be a man in this "new culture” of ours, and that sometimes seems so foreign to my soul and my soles. So much so quickly, my son can hardly believe me when I tell him, when I was his age, there were no computers, computer games, mobile phones and no Internet. I’m not sure my father knew how to teach me to a man in this new culture , I’m not sure his father knew or his before.

When I begin to think of a New Dreaming, I feel almost frozen in the headlight, I need to feel the dreaming, not think it, dreams come from down under in our sub-conscious, often mysterious and needing interpretation as to real meaning and significance. The earth, our primal mother earth is for me the source the dreaming, my new dreaming calls me to walk the earth bare feet and naked where I can, this is almost the only time I feel really connected.

On the radio yesterday they spoke of a 6 day Christian pilgrimage walk, in Victoria ? A journalist asked what’s in this walking business, and the reply was something like.

“Only when walking in the landscape do we feel our own smallness in the immensity of nature and god ”

On a recent men’s retreat, we walked consciously and very slowly bare foot and naked in the forest, it was primal and old and I really felt myself and I really felt the land.

I read lots of books and have done a lot of self development, and I sit at the feet of masters, however I begin to know that the earth is a real and profound teacher for me, if I slow down enough to connect and to hear what she has to say.

Anthony Ashworth.

February 25, 2010

New Dreaming

Sitting in a train reading a book ‘bad dreaming’ by Louis Nowra. Background reading for my role as a facilitator (2008) in an indigenous men’s summit in the MacDonnell ranges in central Australia at Ross river, home of the Arrente people. I was to facilitate workshops on family violence and Louis Nowra’s book told some of the stories around that, sober reading signs of a culture in trouble, a deep wounding.

I sitting on one of two parallel benches facing each other with a big floor space in between. Reading away, therainbow serpent train stopped and an Aboriginal man got on carrying a twelve foot carved wooden Rainbow Serpent. He lay down on the floor between us. The Rainbow Serpent is one of the most important totems in Indigenous mythology. A  creation being inhabiting water holes shaping and creating new landscapes, creator and destroyer.

We chatted for awhile till he got off with his carving. What was that about I thought, pure coincidence or  Jungian Synchronicity – best to let that intriguing question sit for awhile.

What wisdom or insights could I bring to this indigenous gathering? – From my own experience and this new reading, emerged a complex and deeply troubled story. I had no preconceived ideas/solutions to bring, it would be arrogant to do so. I resolved to bring an empty mind, compassion and wisdom, and just listen.

In thinking again of the Rainbow Serpent, a strong message came ‘we need new dreaming’. Dreaming is the story, vision and practice that guides the lives of Indigenous people. It comes from the parallel spirit world and applies to all people in relevant tribal groupings. It is law, custom, song and dance. It has serious power and is part of the soul story and essence of meaning. If existing dreaming was struggling with current troubles maybe a new dreaming was needed. What that  was or who would bring it I did not know. I did know that the words of politicians and ‘experts’ and new laws were not the answer. We are given an  energetic clue to this from the music of, Gurrumul Yunupingu released in the same year, 2008. The CD titled ‘Gurrumul’ for me holds the power of song dreaming gurrumul with mikeespecially the first song ‘Wiyathul’. Gurrumul won the world music aria award in 2008. Listen to Gurrumul in itunes better still buy his cd. Lots on youtube as well.

So maybe there is a new dreaming on its way, Gurrumul singing it into being. Maybe their is a new dreaming on its way for all of us in Australia,  a new song emerging from deep down. More in later postings.

Note:This is just my story. I imply no particular knowledge of Indigenous culture, or presume to be giving advice. New dreaming I realise, two years after these events, applies to all of us. Maybe a gift from the ancient elders for all.

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Raven Song – Paddy Murray

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