raven song

March 19, 2010

mentor uncle courage creativity

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An act of courage, compassion and creativity was told to me yesterday. A local man/elder, has a nephew on the edge of goibowlng to prison, too many drugs and violent  behaviour. His father had been continually violent and uncaring all his life so far and he was suffering the consequences of that. His Uncle took him into the forest for a walk. When he got to a clearing he asked his nephew to sit. He lit some incense and stuck it in the ground near him. Then he placed a bowl next to it. He walked a circle around the sitting nephew. He spoke the truth of the fathers violent unloving behaviour and how the nephews response to that with drug taking and bad  behaviour had bought him to this place. He was told quiet firmly that if he continued he would go to prison and what that meant for his future. It was said that his father might not be capable of loving him, but that this Uncle loved him as did the other Uncles and Aunts. The bowl was said to contain the painful past of the father wounding and his drug taking. He was given the choice to stand up take the bowl incense feathers and through it away  and choose to accept the love that was their for him, and to choose to heal his wounds and move towards a more peaceful and healthy relation with life. He got up threw the bowl away and has not looked back. What a magnificent ritual to do.


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