raven song

March 10, 2010

Anthony’s new dreamings

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Doug’s comment ‘I Recently came across a blog from Earl Hipp in the USA who befriended a recent refugee from Sudan and his family, having moved to Minnesota in the depths of winter. Earl, after having provided some winter clothes asked what else he could do for him the reply was “Can you teach my son (in this new culture) how to be a man?’  prompted this  interesting response  from Anthony, which I thought would be good to share:

Can I teach my own son to be a man in this culture ? Have I even been able to teach myself to be a man in this "new culture” of ours, and that sometimes seems so foreign to my soul and my soles. So much so quickly, my son can hardly believe me when I tell him, when I was his age, there were no computers, computer games, mobile phones and no Internet. I’m not sure my father knew how to teach me to a man in this new culture , I’m not sure his father knew or his before.

When I begin to think of a New Dreaming, I feel almost frozen in the headlight, I need to feel the dreaming, not think it, dreams come from down under in our sub-conscious, often mysterious and needing interpretation as to real meaning and significance. The earth, our primal mother earth is for me the source the dreaming, my new dreaming calls me to walk the earth bare feet and naked where I can, this is almost the only time I feel really connected.

On the radio yesterday they spoke of a 6 day Christian pilgrimage walk, in Victoria ? A journalist asked what’s in this walking business, and the reply was something like.

“Only when walking in the landscape do we feel our own smallness in the immensity of nature and god ”

On a recent men’s retreat, we walked consciously and very slowly bare foot and naked in the forest, it was primal and old and I really felt myself and I really felt the land.

I read lots of books and have done a lot of self development, and I sit at the feet of masters, however I begin to know that the earth is a real and profound teacher for me, if I slow down enough to connect and to hear what she has to say.

Anthony Ashworth.


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